How It Works

    Create your LexInsight account and build your custom job posting. To find the best matching profiles of contract attorneys for your project, include the required details such as availability, skills, educational qualification and experience.

    Once you’ve posted your job, we’ll send alerts to job seekers with matching profiles, so that you can find applicants quickly.
    • You can edit or update your job at any time.
    • Each time you activate a new posting, we alert our job seekers.

    Your job immediately appears in relevant search results on
    • We also send your job to job seekers via our Daily Job Alert emails.
    • You can use your unique URL to share your job on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks.

    Search for best candidates from among the job seekers.
    • View job seekers’ profiles, including their educations background and experience, and invite who you are most interested in to apply for your project.

    Review applications and select candidates using LexInsight’s easy-to-use interface.
    • You can review the applications received for your project.
    • You can select candidates for your project using LexInsight’s easy-to-use UI.

    Review and pay invoices using LexInsight’s payment system.
    • Contract Attorneys raise their invoices using LexInsight’s payment system.
    • You can review the invoices and pay using your preferred method of payment through the system.

    Rate Contractors based on the quality of service
    • You can rate Document Review attorneys based on the quality of services provided by them.